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Wineries - Obsidian Vineyard

Obsidian Vineyard nestles in the coastal hills of the Onetangi Valley adjacent to the northern coast of Waiheke Island. Here, small batches of wine are grown on four discrete hillsides set out in an amphitheatre-like fashion. The sheltered vines enjoy high levels of heat summation, tempered by the maritime breeze. The mineralized clay soil is rich in iron and manganese oxides, and overlays ancient weathered rock. These conditions perfectly suit the noble red and white grapes originating from the Mediterranean countries.

Obsidian is owned by a small group of wine enthusiasts including Lindsay Spilman and Alan Wiltshire. Lindsay Spilman, an Obsidian Director, has had a long association and enthusiasm for wine, dating back to his years as a student. His passion for Bordeaux-style wines lead him to Waiheke Island where he realised his dream to be part of a dedicated team producing great reds. Lindsay has a background in business management and marketing. Alan Wiltshire, a more recent Obsidian Director, also shares a passion for wine, coupled with interests in the hospitality industry.