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Discover - Stony Batter Historic Reserve

Stony Batter is a 10 to 25 minute walk to the tunnels from the carpark off Man O’ War Bay Road. Look for direction signs.

Allow 30 to 90 minutes to explore the fort. Bring a torch for the underground tunnels. Guided tours and information are available on site.

The Stony Batter Protection and Restoration Society was formed to restore the Stony Batter defence complex. To find out more about their work or how you can be involved, visit their museum and information centre at Stony Batter.

Built during the 1930s as part of a larger coastal defence system to protect Auckland Harbour during WWII, Stony Batter has become an internationally-recognised engineering site of historical significance.

Not only for its hilltop counter-bombardment batteries, it is significant also for its spider-web of hand-dug tunnels that weave their way underground.

The site is kept in pristine condition, and even without the guns it is a staunch reminder of the real threat New Zealand came under during the war.