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The Waiheke Comedy Show

The Waiheke Comedy Show – Sat 12th July

Jeremy Elwood is on Waiheke…so prepare yourself for a laugh fest!

The Waiheke Comedy Show is on for a One Night Only show. This is where local comedians get to play, have fun, be a bit silly with the goal of making the audience laugh and laugh and laugh. Rumour has it, that the actors wont be happy until they see tears coming out of peoples eyes.

Stand Up and Improvising Games is on the menu tonight, which will be performed by Keith Patterson, Richard Bull, Emma Bower-Warner, Adam Sears, Lisa Garrity, Dougal Thompson and Linda Savage.

For anyone not familiar with Improvising Games – this is where the audience give ‘suggestions’ of topics, themes and story-lines for each game. The actors have to make up an act (hopefully humorous) on the spot!

But the very popular headline act is Jeremy Elwood (of 7 Days fame). He worked with the Waiheke Comedy Troop in 2013, using his charismatic magic to a sold out crowd.

The January show saw over 30 turned away (and very disappointed) people at the door, so buying tickets is probably a great idea!

Book now: Artworks Theatre – 12th July – 7pm. Tickets $18 prepaid, $20 on door, $15 groups (10 or more) Ph: 372 2941 or online

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