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Experience U2

Experience U2 – Malones Irish Bar

For the first time ever Experience U2 bring their show to Waiheke Island!

You kids might be a bit too young to remember. The Transformers cartoon a long time ago back in the days when Ferris Buellers Days Off had a PG rating and all the kids were playing Sonic The Hedgehog on their Sega Mega Drives.

Back then there was a band called U2. you may have heard of them. They were one of the biggest bands in the world – Way back in in 2011, apparently they made only about $800 million with their so called ‘360’ tour.

Unlucky for you you’ll probably never get a chance to see them play, their music has been converted into 1s and 0s and uploaded to the ether and their heads have been preserved in futurama style jars.

Lucky for you however, we have the next best thing!

Not only is the music outstanding the visuals are trippy as hell! Be there to experience the sound, sights and smells of U2 – this may be the only chance you get.

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