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Austen Tayshus Live!

Austen Tayshus was “born” at Sydney’s first Comedy Store in Jamieson Street in 1981. He stood up for the first time after a fairly precarious delivery, in March of that year. By 1982, ‘Australiana’ was ready to record, and it was released in June 1983. It sold in excess of two hundred thousand copies, went double platinum, and still holds the record for the highest-selling Australian single ever.

His challenging, provocative and highly dynamic stand up (which is not to everyone’s taste), has made Austen Tayshus a must-see comic. His work is improvisational and sometimes frightening, and tends to polarize his audiences, but is attractive nevertheless as he draws his audience in like a magnet.

Doors and café open at 5:30pm.
Tickets are $15 prepaid or $20 at the door.

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