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Business - Vital Wellbeing Family Chiropractic

Drs Sarah and Randall Farrant are the co-founders of Vital Wellbeing, Celebrating Life! on Waiheke Island, NZ. Vital Wellbeing acknowledges that people are self healing, self regulating organisms who constantly adapt to their environment. It is this adaptation that these co-founders, a husband and wife team are interested in. At Vital Wellbeing this ability to self heal and self regulate in life is attributed to an innate intelligence.

“It [innate intelligence] continues to care for and direct the organic functions of
the body as long as the soul holds the body and spirit together.” DD Palmer

Innate intelligence is a true testament to all living things. This intelligence directs the growing plant towards the sun, turns the dark into light, and changes sea levels in coordination with the expansion and contraction of the earth.

We aim to establish balance and create changes in function each of which enables adaptation to take place internally and externally. When a person is in balance there is once again unlimited opportunities presented in life and health. People begin to make different decisions for themselves, their children and their family.

‘Vital Wellbeing, Celebrating Life!’ is dedicated to serving you an exceptional chiropractic experience. We are focused on empowering you with a greater understanding of health, the human body and its expression.