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1 Feb

Water woes continue for Waiheke

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There is a lot of talk at the moment about the continuing lack of rain and subsequent shortage of water on the island, with many residents tanks running dry.

ONE News visited Waiheke to film yesterday for a segment, although many islanders questioned whether the article was really newsworthy. Although lack of rain and dry tanks are quite a problem, it is not an uncommon situation for Waiheke Island residents.

Hot, dry summers always cause water shortages for residents, although this summer does seem worse than many with no significant rainfall since November. With delivery waiting times currently stretched out to 4 weeks, it pays to check your tank levels, book ahead for a delivery, and be very careful with conserving water.

Most locals are quite adept at conserving water and it is often island visitors used to a reticulated water supply that need to be educated about water conservation. But even though you would be hard-pressed to find a local that brushes their teeth while leaving the tap running, locals are still being caught out with tanks running dry.

In our house we are recycling dishwater for the garden, collecting the shower water to re-use for cleaning, and the children are bathing in a big bucket. The next on my list of water-saving efforts is to divert the washing machine water into a big barrel instead of down the drain.

The hot, dry spell may mean a good season for vineyards, but many islanders are hoping for a good rainfall to make a significant difference to tank levels. With showers forecast over the coming week, that may just happen.

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