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28 Aug

“Waiheke…why would you?”

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We have been looking at Waiheke real estate, keen to secure our own little piece of the island, after all, we’ve been living here for several years now. We have had all the necessary “should-we-stay or should-we-go” discussions which always have the same conclusion – we are committed, we’re staying.

Saying that, the hunt for a good property in our price bracket is not as easy as we’d hoped. While viewing listings recently a work colleague took a glance over my shoulder. It was a modest house on the island but in a good spot and as many of the affordable ones are… in need of a good scrub, paint, and most probably a new septic tank. The price tag of the Waiheke property could compare with a charming old villa in Kingsland according to the colleague and as such questioned “Waiheke? Why would you?”

The comment got me thinking. Is it a well kept secret just how great life is on this small island or are there just people out there who simply don’t get it? We moved here nearly 3 years ago from the South Island, drawn to Waiheke Island for the lifestyle it could offer our young family. We’ve been warmly welcomed into the community and love spending our weekends at the park, beaches, our favourite café or going on a good walk.

I’m not concerned if there are some who just don’t get it; after all, we certainly don’t want to be over-run by an increased influx of new residents to the extent that Waiheke is over-developed into a large suburb.

I did notice though as I got off the ferry recently, a woman in front of me was wearing a jacket printed with the words “Waiheke island, a great place to live…fact!” That might be so but, shh don’t tell everybody!

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