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12 Mar

Waiheke photographers: what they do and why to use them

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Waiheke, naturally has it’s fair share of Wedding Photographers.  Being one of NZ’s most coveted wedding destination’s will do that for you.

But we also have an amazing depth of talent that extends waaaaaay beyond getting pictures of your matrimonial celebration.  Like:

  • Family portraits.
  • Special occasions; reunions, anniversary’s, birthdays.
  • Commercial shoots; for real estate, vineyards, marketing, branding, promotion.
  • Landscapes.
  • Architectural work.
  • Art.

Here’s a small collection of Photographers, what their specialities are and when & why to use them.

Michelle Hepburn

Michelle is a photographer living on and enjoying the picture-taking beauty of Waiheke Island with its diverse landscape and it’s range of venues and locations. She loves to capture the uniqueness and emotion of weddings, the connection between families and iconic Waiheke landscapes.

Michelle has a Design degree from Unitec, and a Professional Photography Diploma from the London College of Printing. She is available for Wedding & Family Portrait shoots on Waiheke Island and in the Auckland area.  Michelle also does commercial work and is a talented Art Photographer (I know, cos she’s shot a few paintings for me).

With a background in design and architecture, Michelle has an eye for structure and design as well as for people.

Pete Rees

Pete is Waiheke’s stand-out landscape photographer.  Coming from a background as an oil painter, Pete sees the landscape in a unique and magnificent way.  If you’re looking to capture a moment, have a business that needs images, or a favourite spot you want to remember, Pete is the guy.

Emma Hughes

Emma Hughes is a multi award winning photographer with a knack for putting people at ease and capturing natural, beautiful images. She is a Master of Photography with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP), has received more than 50 awards including the Wedding Album of the Year in 2010 and 2011.  She was also a finalist for the NZIPP Classic Portrait Photographer in 2011.  More importantly, Emma loves photography and adores capturing moments that people will cherish for the rest of their life.

Emma has a main-street gallery in Oneroa, and is available for family portrait and wedding commissions.

Gabriel Braly

Gabe specializes in Real Estate, aerial and architectural work.   His work is mainly commercial, or for using to enter architectural awards.  He has an amazing array of instruments from flying camera’s to long ladders to get interesting angles.  A dedicated and hard working man who lives on the island with his wife and young family.

Alice Doig

Alice lives on Waiheke Island with her husband and 4 year old son. She was given her first camera at 7 and has been taking photos ever since. She has a Diploma in Contemporary Photography from Unitec, as well as a BSc Hon in Psychology from Victoria University (which, I imagine may come in handy from time to time on a photo shoot). Alice specialize in Wedding, Portrait and Fine Art Photography, and has won multiple professional photography awards for  both her wedding and portrait work.

Shine Studios

Shine Studios are an Waiheke Island based wedding photographers who also do national and international weddings. Blair Quax, owner of Shine Studios has won a number of awards including Wedding Photographer of the Year NZIPP Iris Awards 2010;  Finalist – Travel Photographer of the Year NZIPP Iris Awards 2012; Master Photographer (M.Photog NZIPP), Fellow of the NZIPP.  This means he is seriously qualified.  He also does amazing videos – but limits his work to weddings.  If you are looking for a family portrait, landscape, architecture or art, choose one of the others.

This is just a small selection of Waiheke Photographers, to give a sense of the depth and breath of talent on the island. If you have a photographer you have worked with that is worth mentioning, please leave a comment or contact me personally.

Photo credit: Michelle Hepburn took the above picture of Alice Doig.


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