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18 Feb

Looking to get your car sorted on Waiheke?

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It’s one of those things.  You don’t need ‘em, ’til you need ‘em.  Then you spend a week asking everyone on the ferry, or people serving you dinner, lunch or packing your groceries (if you’re here visiting): where do I get my car sorted? To save you any angst, here’s the insider….

Far end pete rees

WoF’s and general car maintenance: 

1)  Seaview Motors.

Run by the super efficient and nice guy Darren Legge.  I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else. Located just behind the garage at Onetangi.  It’s worth the extra ten mins if you’re from Oneroa.  I’ve never felt so comfortable that someone is sorting my car out in an honest and effective manner.  372 8638

2) Ostend Motors.

Tucked in behind the G.A.S station (did you even know it existed?).  You can also do swap-a-bottle for the barbie.  These guys will give you a courtesy car if need be.

3) The WoF center Tahi Road.

My G is loyal to these guys for good reason.  They do Wof’s and sort stuff so you can pass your WoF.

4) Oneroa Motors.

I haven’t heard the best things about these guys (stories of them fixing stuff that didn’t really need fixing – oh dear).  Easy peasy if you need to drop the car off and get the ferry though.  Just make sure you’re not the type that can have the wool pulled over.  They are tucked in behind the Petrol Station in Oneroa.

5) Master’s Motors.

This guy has been around since the dawn of time.  I’ve heard mixed reports about whether he’s good or not.

6)  Surfdale Motors.

Up Beatty Parade.  One of my super fastidious friends (he’s a pilot) get’s his car sorted there, so must be okay.

Waiheke has a bunch of specialist motor services – exhausts, panel beating, tyres etc.  Any mechanic worth their salt will send you in the right direction.

By the way, the AA do a remarkable road side service on the island.  I should know, I’ve used them so often I know the guys personally and they all wave when they see me.  A little embarrassing, but I can recommend their service.  They always arrive within 15 mins.

Happy motoring people.

Photo credit:  Pete Rees Images.  



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