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4 Mar

The inside word on Coffee

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Good morning Waiheke!!!   There is an abundance of coffee options on this fine Island of ours.  As you would expect in any good holiday destination. Move close. Lean in.  Here’s the inside word.

Island Gelato

1. Island Coffee.

Our very own boutique coffee roastery.  It’s got the best coffee-shop atmosphere on the island. Brilliant for meetings, time-outs and magazine indulgences.   Step into the aromatic surounds and you could be in any cosmopolitan city.  Super cool.  Personally, I find the coffee too intense and bitter, but I don’t like my coffee extra strong.  If you like a full noise caffeine buzz, these guys are for you.

Drive down Belgium street towards Onetangi and pull into the car park just next to True Blue.  Island Coffee are nestled in the back.

2. Spice Cafe.

These guys make my fav coffee on the island.  Smooth, without giving up any flavor.   The coffee is consistent and the service is quick and efficient.  Super easy to find on the main street of Oneroa.  The ladies that run the show are always charming, know what you want before you do and make you feel like you’re the most important customer they’ve ever had.  Pretty nice.  They also have a great loyalty card system for locals.  Just ask.

3. Double Shot.

These guys have a great location nestled in front on my favourite Waiheke boutique We’ar in the heart of Oneroa.  They are an open air, coffee cart sort of arrangement that is a little bigger and a little more permanent than your mobil cart.  A great set up with seats on the street.   Just keep to the right if you are walking from the Fruit and Veg through the village.   They serve Havana Coffee, which is too intense for me, but super popular with convinced coffee addicts – and of course Wellingtonians (the self professed Coffee experts).

4. Island Gelato Company.

I couldn’t be happier these guys have arrived in our gorgeous seaside town!  Gelato, of course, is their specialty, but I’d totally recommend it for the coffee too. Having turned a shipping crate into a hip, locals and visitors hub, they sort of turn the once awkward Oneroa (like; is that it? or should we keep going?) into a clearly defined town.  So we have them to thank for both their culinary delights and their town planning excellence.  Yay.   You can see why it’s so popular.  To find them, just keep walking through the town – they are actually impossible to miss.

5. Frenchot

They’re French, so of course the coffee is good.  Like really good.   I mean?  Trying the pastries is dangerous, you know, don’t fool yourself you’ll only have one.  You’ll be back the next day…   They are on the main road through surfdale – just look for the French flag and grab an angle park.   They have plenty of tables out the back, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a bakery.

6. Surfdale Bakery.

Yes they do coffee.  It’s the cheapest espresso on the Island.  I know about them cos my Mum has a coffee their after her walking group on a Monday.  She’s happy enough.   I’d probably fork out the extra for a better coffee a couple doors down at Frenchot, but if budget is a key, these guys are for you.


Coffee grinder


What’s on:

From now on, we’ll have links to what’s on this week on Waiheke Island. If you have a great listing link you’d like us to add, just let me know. For a full list of the events check out this page. Cheers.

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2. Jazz by the Sea

3. International Women’s Day – Women’s Work Market




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