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3 Mar

It says 30 for a reason

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Onetangi Straight is still a mess with on-going roadworks continuing to frustrate residents.

Auckland Transport’s website gives information on all current road-work locations across Auckland including start & finish dates, while inconveniently forgetting about work on Waiheke Island. The lack of available information is annoying, and the state of the road throughout the construction process continues to be of concern to some residents. There are numerous potholes and sizeable stones littering the road surface, which, during the day are annoying to navigate, and at night, downright dangerous.

If dealing with the road conditions were not bad enough, there are then idiotic drivers to contend with. I drove this route the other day, slowing to the requested 30km speed limit. The van behind me saw this as an opportunity to accelerate and over-take me, showering my car with stones as he went. I wasn’t impressed nor, judging by the hand gestures, was the driver of the on-coming car. All I will say is that if you are going to drive like that, be smart enough not to do it in a vehicle with your phone number plastered across the back of it. Waiheke is a small island and we may just meet again.

Yes, the road works are dusty, noisy, inconvenient, painful, frustratingly slow and tiresome… but I’m in no doubt that the end will be well worth the wait.

In the meantime, please let’s be patient and remember… it says 30 for a reason.

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