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16 Jan

A million things going on (whoa!) for sporty types

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1::  The infamous annual Waiheke Wharf 2 Wharf is on this weekend.  Sat (Jan 18th) punters will line up to run from one end of the island to the other.  We all know it.  Some have done it.  Some wish they could, others wouldn’t for all the love.

You?   Game?  

Go on, you’d be a legend!  More info here.

Onetangi Beach

Onetangi Beach: Pete Rees Images

2::  The Round Rangihoua mountain bike race is not until, like, next Dec.  But it’s a brilliant wee race. Bring the family, go it alone.  Fun whichever way you look at it.  Bookmark it.  Tuck it away in the back of your mind.  We’ll let you know again, closer to the time.

3::  Wild Woman 100km relay event.  Yes, I got the number of 0’s correct.  Local Sarah from Synergy Gym runs a tight event.  Super well attended, super well organised.  Totally worth visiting the island for (if you don’t already live here).  Check out the site – there are loads of good events to be had.  The link again?  Here.

4::  Madame Rouge 10km vineyard run.  Not until next Jan (I know!) but once again, worth knowing about, worth filing away.  I’ve done this one – super event.

5::  Regular local sporting events can been found in the The Marketplace.  Hop on over and check it out.

If there are any sporting event’s I’ve missed, please let me know. Would love to add them to the ‘list’.



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