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Discover - Simon Deighton

Waiheke artist Simon Deighton, paints with bright colorful oils to elicit powerful emotions. He feels that a colourful environment increases happiness, and abstract painting invites repeat consideration as each viewing shows different nuances. Simon is a self-taught artist, now living on Waiheke Island he works in oils in an abstract expressionist style. The random is of most interest to me. Splinters of broken concrete in the sidewalk, the texture and colour of a fall of pumpkin skin peelings, the aerial view of a freshly tilled field, can all suggest a starting point for the kinds of things I’m expressing. I often begin working with the pallet knife and paint tubes directly on the canvas to generate colours, shapes and ‘moods’ that develop from the subconscious. I then work the piece up from what flows naturally from this initial process.

Of course, every painting experience is different – some more chaotic, some more logical. The trick is to finish the work at the same level on the continuum that it started on. Colours will be changed or eliminated entirely, and frequently the canvas will be rotated many times before I am happy with its final orientation.I like an artwork to be something that the viewer can revisit and rediscover – finding a new area or internal relationship of interest. I intend for my paintings to be viewed up close as well as far away.